The next three months online FNDcourage skills course starts on Monday November 8th, 2021. The live webinars are each week on Mondays at 4:00PM Mountain Standard Time. Registration will be open June 14, 2021.

Through psychoeducation and personalized individual support, you will learn how to self-regulate your nervous system, a skill that you can use for the rest of your life.


Every week you will engage in a live webinar with Dr. Moenter to learn about a specific FND related topic. The webinar happens through zoom, a video conferencing platform which will be available to you at now cost.

Group Chat

Chat is open for 15-minutes before class start time. It’s a great place to connect with other students and learn from each another. Participation in chat is optional yet highly encouraged.


Each week you will receive a new meditation specifically designed and recorded to help you feel more grounded, in your body, and resourced.

Study Material

Handouts and homework sheets (mindful check-ins) are provided every week for you to download and use to practice new skills every day.

Private Online Journal

This forum is for current students only offering Wednesday and Friday office hours for:

– Q&A Thread: Post your questions that come up with the material and Dr. Moenter will offer insight and support.

This course is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care and we highly recommend that you are under the care of a trained and licensed mental health professional while participating in this course, to work with any challenging emotions or experiences that might arise. FNDcourage is based in the principles of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, mindfulness practices, and Dr. Moenter's 15 years in-depth clinical work with individuals with functional neurological symptoms.

For more information about FNDcourage, visit

Dr. Afra Moenter

Founder of FNDcourage, clinical director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Epilepsy, and founding member of FNDsociety holds a simple vision in mind: To offer support to ALL people diagnosed with FND.


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